The advantages of StereoTrader

Limit Pull Back Order

The advantages of StereoTraderThe exclusive order that allows you to earn more money directly through better entries and exits. You place a limit order as usual as entry or take profit. If the price is reached, the limit order becomes a trailing stop order with a point spread that you can set individually. If the price runs through the limit price constantly or at high speed, then you can exit with more profit or enter at a more favorable price.

One-Klick Speedtrading

In StereoTrader, orders can be opened with one click. StereoTrader automatically detects whether you want to place a limit or stop order. With the Ctrl + left mouse button you can place several orders in a fixed interval, a so-called “grid”.

Scalp Trading

Heiko Behrendt is partner of StereoTrader. For more than 19 years he has been trading indices and currency pairs in the short-term investment area, the so-called scalping.

Today he is a sought-after expert in this area. He is active as a coach for other traders and appears at trade fairs and road shows.